Tuper deals with the production and sale of conveyor belts

Tuper specialises in the production and sale of bottle conveyor belts and connecting belts, and in the sale of new and second-hand bottling machines.

For forty years now, Tuper has produced and sold new bottling machines and created connecting belts for conveying bottles and a whole variety of products: and all with great care and attention. Before it is installed at the customer’s premises, each system is pre-assembled at our factory by a team of technicians who perform a functional test to ensure its perfect working order. We also sell new and overhauled second-hand machines that work at a rate of between 1,000 and 12,000 bottles/h, including:
depalletisers, basket unloaders, rinsers, fillers, corkers, washer-dryers, capsule distributors, labellers, adhesive units for installation on existing machines, formers, case packing machines, taping machines, gluing machines, palletisers, wine equipment for new formats for existing machines, and conveyor belts.

The design, production and sale of bottling systems and the supply of bottle conveyor belts:

  • bottle loading tables
  • bottle accumulation tables
  • bottle loading/unloading tables
  • bottle ejection tables
  • curved tables for the accumulation of bottles
  • bottle sliding tables
  • curves for conveyor belts
  • swing supports for sorting and conveying bottles in line
  • bottle deviators
  • idler /draw units
  • final bottle collection tables

and carton conveyor belts:

  • idler and draw units and carton belts
  • carton curves
  • automated carton turners
  • idler rollers
  • automated rollers
  • belts for cartons
  • thrusters for cartons
  • idler or automated roller conveyors
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