Design, production and sale of packaging machinery

The design, production and sale of packaging and packing machines and conveyor belts

Tuper has sold new and/or second-hand packing and packaging machines and produced carton / crate conveyor belts since 1973: and all with great care and attention. Before it is installed at the customer’s premises, each system is pre-assembled at our factory by a team of technicians who perform a functional test to ensure its perfect working order.

The systems work at a rate of between 1,000 and 12,000 bottles/h and include: Packing and packaging machines and connecting conveyor belts for complete lines. We also sell the individual components of connecting belts (in the case of existing lines), providing single:

  • idler units with idler rollers and automated draw units
  • carton curves
  • automated carton turners
  • idler rollers
  • automated rollers
  • belts for cartons
  • thrusters for cartons
  • idle or automated roller conveyors
  • made-to-measure conveyor solutions
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