Accumulation plan

Tuper deals with the production and sale of conveyor belts and connection for the transport of bottles, as well as selling new and used machines for bottling

For over 40 years, Tuper has been involved in the production and sale of new bottling machinery and we build connection belts for the transport of bottles and of the most different types of products. We do it with great care. Before being installed by the customer, each system is pre-assembled in Tuper by a team of technicians to test its functionality and perfection. We also deal with the sale of new or used revised machines within a production range of 1,000 to 12,000 B / h, which includes: depalletisers, de-counters, rinsers, fillers, capping machines, washer-dryers, capsule dispensers, labellers, adhesive groups to be installed on existing machines, cartoning trainers, taping machines, gluing machines, oenological equipment palletisers for new formats on existing machines and conveyor belts.

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